The #1 Factor in Choosing a El Paso Property Management Company. 

There is pride in knowing you have ownership of something and there is security in knowing that it is being taken care of. 

At 5 Star Real Estate, we eliminate the worries that come with maintaining any El Paso rental property by making it our priority to take care of your investment for you. Our Property Management services provide home owners all throughout El Paso County with the comfort they both want and need to rent a home. 

Sometimes, it can be difficult to be a landlord, but we are here to help you be the best one you can be. Whether you have one house to rent out or several, it is important to know what to expect from a property management company. After all, you are the boss in this situation and you are the one who is doing the hiring. 

Selecting a company that will work for you and not against you is key. Always remember that a business is only as strong as the reputation that precedes it—

  • Take time to research their background. 
  • Never be afraid to ask the tough questions: 
  • How many properties do they manage? 
  • Do they mainly handle commercial or residential? 
  • What sets this specific company apart from others? 
  • Apart from directly asking the establishment you are looking to hire what makes them the best, use your network of friends and family to aid in the process.

Word of mouth is still the #1 choosing factor in a El Paso Property Management Company. The perfect choice for who should be your new property manager? Just ask other happy clients. 

Referrals don’t just come in the form of people, but through what you see around you. In this day and age, technology, and the marketing done through it, is the predominant resource we rely on when it comes to reviewing our options. 

Take it upon yourself to Google property management companies in the El Paso area, as well as through the Texas Real Estate Commission (also known as “TREC”). 

Keep your eyes and ears opened for remarks regarding how tenants are treated by the company, as well as what type of tenant screening they perform. The best of the best never want their tenants to feel neglected, as more attentive managers have more attentive tenants. 

Keep in mind that a well-kept investment is not one that will depreciate, but will thrive. Aside from having a healthy manager-tenant relationship, the one that is maintained with the owner is equally as important. 

At 5 Star Real Estate, your local full-service firm, we are equipped with the resources, team, and willingness to help our clients, as well as our community, which is exactly what you want in a property manager.